Michael E. Jeha – Managing Partner (#410408)

Founding Jeha Construction in 1981, Michael is an expert builder. He has been working in construction since 1973, and has significance experience in all relevant trades – importantly including carpentry, cabinet construction, finish millwork, tile and counter-top installation.

Michael is the guiding force behind the company and is renowned as a builder throughout California – having strong relationships with all of his clients and the communities in which he works, notably The Hideaway. He prides himself on his ability to always service his clients’ needs and to be available 24/7 for them.

Nicholas S. Narez – Partner (#1042262)

Nicholas joined his father in 2004, and since then has been an integral part of the family business. He prides himself on his ability to approach the impossible tasks on the site, and do whatever needs to be done to ensure his clients’ dreams become a reality.

Nicholas has been working for over 16 years in the industry. He is widely regarded for the precision and quality of his craftsmanship, which combined with his organizational and time management skills, make him a star within the Jeha Construction business. He is particularly favored by clients because of his ability to always execute plans according to timelines without ever compromising on quality.

Ronald E. Jeha – Partner

Ronald is the youngest member of the Jeha Construction management team, but that doesn’t show. Taught his craft by his father since he could hold a hammer, Ronald is an efficient and skillful craftsman, and an avid communicator. He has worked with Jeha Construction for nearly 10 years, and has become renowned for the quality of his finish work, which is some of the best in California.